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Tower Force Tower Force Logical, Strategy, Arcade
bubblesshooter bubblesshooter Logical, Shooters, Arcade
Backgammon Backgammon Logical, Tables
9 Ball Pool Challenge 9 Ball Pool Challenge Sport, Logical, Strategy, Arcade
Chess Chess For girls, Logical, For boys, Education, Strategy, Tables
Fuse Joe Fuse Joe For girls, Logical, For boys, Shooters, Arcade
Free cell solitaire Free cell solitaire Logical, Tables, Gambling
Boutique Frenzy Boutique Frenzy For girls, Logical, Other, Strategy
Muppet Cats Muppet Cats Logical, Education, Music, Tables, For children
Bitmap TD3 Bitmap TD3 Logical, Shooters, Arcade
thrill rush thrill rush Logical, For children, Arcade
Chess master Chess master For girls, Logical, For boys, Strategy, Tables
Breakfast Cooking Breakfast Cooking For girls, Logical, Education, Music, For children
Baked Beans Baked Beans Logical, Other, Education, Music
Mahjong Dinasty Mahjong Dinasty For girls, Logical, Tables
Wow Wedding Cake Wow Wedding Cake For girls, Logical, Other, Education
Master solitaire Master solitaire For girls, Logical, Tables, Gambling
Inferno Meltdown Inferno Meltdown Logical, For boys, Strategy, Shooters, Quests, Arcade
Find Words Find Words Logical, Education
Lazer Shoot Lazer Shoot Logical, Flys
Drawfender Drawfender Logical, Strategy
Dynamite Blast 2 Dynamite Blast 2 Logical, Strategy
Angry animals: ufos come in Angry animals: ufos come in Logical, Shooters, Arcade
Not correct school Not correct school Logical, Education, Tables
Roadster Difference Roadster Difference Sport, Logical, Strategy, Quests, Arcade
Checkers Checkers Logical, Education, Strategy, Tables
Panthera Leo Panthera Leo For girls, Logical, Education
Brilliant Crystals Brilliant Crystals Logical, Shooters, Arcade
Classic Solitaire Classic Solitaire Logical, Tables, Gambling
Fleeing the Complex Fleeing the Complex For girls, Logical, For boys, Quests

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