Archery Wild Animal Hunter

2.50 (votes: 1) Publisher: Muhammad Arif Jamil Year: 2019 #28740 in Adventure, #38228 in Action, #84334 in Entertainment, #215896 in Games 1.99 $
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This action games ultraistic 3d graphics, easy controls and amazing animations makes your playing experience interesting and joyful. Hunting animals with archery is a fun. If you want to become legend archery hunter this game completes all your hunting dreams comes true.

You are an archer riding horse into wild jungle with arrows and bow. Pick up the bow, put arrows on it and take aim right on the deer. Aim and shot on accurate position to get reward. You’re the best archer in the world. When you come near to the animals hold your breath and run slowly otherwise they become alert and ran away or maybe attack on you. Hunt them down before you prey. Show your hunting skill make them victim and prey. Jungle roles are kill or die no other rules apply in wild life.

Archer goes into forest with arrows and bow to enjoy their hunting safari. Professional hunters always perform dangerous hunting tasks. They wants to kill furious animals like lion, deer, bear, cougar, ¬tiger, cheetah, gazelle, stag, rhinos, wolfs etc. You are avatar with special precis archery to shot wildness. Your first task is to hunt down two deer’s in give time. Number of deer’s increase level wise. Many excited levels are waiting for you. Every next level of the game is more thrilling from previous.
Archery Wild Animal Hunter is now available on app store. If you also want to become a legend archer kill furious wild animals. This game is for animal hunting and shooting game lovers.

How to Play?
Controls of the player are simple and easy. Player can moves by using on screen joystick and swipe screen. Pick up bow tap on bow button. Tap scope button to aim at target. Tap on arrow button to fire. Tap on pause button to stop game anytime.

Crystal clean graphics
Smooth archery controls
Realistic archery hunting physics
Legend archer with horse
Feel real air flow of arrows
Cool animals sound, arrows sound & wind sound
Addictive gameplay easy to hard
Real animal characters
Animals run, escape, attack & kill
Unlimited arrows with bow but limited time
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Muhammad Arif Jamil
Adventure, Games, Entertainment, Action
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
© Muhammad Arif Jamil
1.99 $