Cactus Mccoy

4,20 (votes: 1909)
--- (your vote) Publisher: Year: 2016 #43 in Yürüteçler, #62 in Erkekler için, #79 in Kızlar için
It all started when McCoy was hired by Hex Hatfield to find the Thorned Emerald. Unaware of the jewel's curse, McCoy was transformed into a walking, talking, brawling cactus. Now it is a race against time to bring the Thorned Emerald back to its proper home before Cactus McCoy is turned to a lifeless stone cactus.This platforming brawler game will have you wielding tons of weapons as you traverse a strange Wild West world of hidden treasures and seemingly endless enemigos.
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Kızlar için, Erkekler için, Yürüteçler