About my Ads

How can I place an Ad?

You can easily place an ad by following the following simple steps:

To sign up and/or place an ad click on the following link:

Select the category you would like to list your item in:

(Cars – Property - Home Appliances & Furniture – Jobs – Computer, Phones and Tablets)

Fill in the Ad creation form putting as much detail as possible to describe your product.

Why can't I place an Ad (Browser Issue)?

This might be due to a browser problem, “CHEDOT“ is better viewed on “CHEDOT” Browser, Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome.

If you are still facing the same problem please contact us on:

Why Am I Unable To Place An Ad Due To Incorrect Price?

You have to insert only the price without stating the currency, you also have to make sure you put the real price for your item.

How Can I Hide My Number?

To hide your contact number, please un-check the phone number box while placing your ad and you can communicate with buyers via email.

This is not advisable however, because showing your number increases your chances of selling and adds credibility to the AD.

How Can I Edit/Delete An Ad?

Make sure you are logged into your account on “CHEDOT”.

  1. Go to your account page by clicking on the “Your Account” button on the top of the page.

  2. Click on the “My Ads” tab.

  3. From this page you can edit or delete any of your ads on “CHEDOT”.

Why Is My AD Pending?

Your Ad is being reviewed by our Customer Support Team. If your AD is pending for too long, please communicate with us through the 'Contact Us' Form by clicking on:

Why Didn't I Receive A Confirmation Email For My AD Posting?

Please check your Junk Folder - if you have not received any emails, please communicate with us through the 'Contact Us' Form on:

How Many Ads Can I Post?

There is no limit for posting ads, you can post as many ads as you want as long as they abide to the posting rules and are all placed in the right category and not repetitive.

What Is The Expiry Date Of Ads?

Your ad will stay live for three months or until you take it down, so if you’ve sold the item remove the ad. You will be able to view your expired ads on your account page, you can only delete those ads but you can’t edit them.

When Can I Re-Post My AD?

You can re-post your ad every 10 days but you need to make sure you delete the old ad before posting the new one.

How Can I See My AD On “CHEDOT”?

You can see your published AD by entering your mobile number in the search field. This will enable you to view all your ads connected with your mobile number. An alternative way would be to click on "Your Account" and track your ads.

Ads Rejection Reasons

Your AD Is Misleading and Missing Certain Information

  1. Incorrect Phone Number. Ensure that you enter the correct 11 digit number that belongs to you to allow potential buyers/job seekers to contact you easily.

  2. Franco Arab Text. Please re-write the AD in proper Arabic or English text.

  3. Poor Title - not indicative of product being sold. Ensure that title is clear and describes what you are selling in a short way. DO not put your Mobile number or Price in the title.

  4. Incorrect Price. Please enter correct price for the product being sold to attract potential buyers for a successful trade in a short time span.

  5. Poor Description. Enter all possible details about the product being sold to indicate to potential buyers what they will get such as year of purchase, condition, why you want to sell it and for Jobs such as start date and job duties.


You Have Posted Your AD in the Wrong Category

Please follow below rules to ensure your AD gets approved:

  1. Log on to your registered email account with "CHEDOT".

  2. You will find the rejection reason inside the email.

  3. Click on the link to re-post your AD and you will be re-directed to a page.

  4. Read the Category suggestion and place your AD in right Category and your as will be accepted!

There is no Suitable Category for your AD

Your AD does not have a suitable category on "CHEDOT" If you have suggestions for new categories, please send to us on:

You repeated your AD more than once

Please note if you would like to repeat your AD, please delete your old and re-post the new one.

There is NO photo in AD & the photo is Unsuitable

Photo posting rules on "CHEDOT" are listed below. Please follow them to avoid getting your AD rejected:

  1. Photo should be clear and un-rotated.

  2. Photo should be of product only, with no persons in photo.

  3. Photo should not contain links, emails or logos.

  4. Photo should not be of any illegal or indecent nature.

  5. Photo should not contain more than one time of the same product.

  6. Photos in Property for Rent Category should contain the interior of your property.

  7. Photos should be different than the photos in your previous ads (you should not upload the same photos with all your ads).

  8. Photos are not copied from another ad even if it is one of your own ads.

  9. Photo should be of the product being sold.

  10. Photo should be real and not a stock photo from Internet.

My Account

Why was my account blocked?

Please note that we may have blocked your account for the following reasons:

  1. You have more than one account.

  2. You post a lot of commercial ads.

  3. You constantly repeat your Ads without deleting the old ones.

  4. You place illegal/prohibited Ads.

  5. You place fake Ads.

  6. You post job ads on behalf of other companies (recruitment companies).


How Can I Communicate With "CHEDOT"?

You can communicate with us through the following link:


Or by sending mail to:

How can I change my Password?

To change your "CHEDOT" account password, please log in to your account, click on "your account" and then select the option "change password" on the panel on your left, once you enter the required info click on "change it for me" and you are good to go!

Can I have a special account on "CHEDOT"?

Unfortunately we do not offer this type of account now.



Do the Ads posted on the website belong to "CHEDOT"?

All ads on "CHEDOT" are posted by individual users; "CHEDOT" only acts as a third party platform that connects buyers and sellers for free.

How can I advertise on "CHEDOT"?

You can contact with us: