In Superfarmer, each player takes a role of the owner of the animal farm. The main goal is to breed, exchange and gather different animals (rabbit, sheep, pig, cow, horse and two kinds of dogs) and the winner is a person who can gather at least one of each kind (except the dogs). But be careful there are foxes around trying to snatch your rabbits and wolves which can eat all your other animals (that is why you need dogs to protect your herd).

The game was designed, and originally named "Hodowla zwierzątek" ("Animal husbandry") in the occupied Poland during Word War Two by famous polish mathematician Karol Borsuk and his wife. In these hard times the game became very popular and there were many home made copies sold by the Borsuks family. Sadly during the Warsaw rebellion at the end of war all copies were destroyed save one that was in another city. After the war it was returned to the Borsuks family. Now one of the Polish publishers decided to release the game.
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